Maximize Performance, Boost Muscle Growth,
And Burn Fat With The Only Protein 3X More
Effective Than Standard Wheys

  • 6 proteins for maximized protein synthesis
  • 3X muscle growth & recovery
  • Suppress appetite for extended periods
  • Made with digestive enzymes
  • Delicious chocolate flavor

“This is the best tasting, most effective protein I’ve ever tried. Works better than any other single whey formula.”

— Ash Edelman
    IFBB Pro

Simple, Delicious, And Premium

The #1 Protein Formula Crafted For Athletes With Crazy Goals

  • 6 high-powered
  • Unique 3-phase
  • 96 calories
  • 21 grams of
  • Natural

Trusted & Approved By Professional Athletes


Standard Whey Protein Sucks

Does your protein supplement leave you feeling like a gassy balloon...?

Or do you find yourself stopping your set at the gym so you can run to the restroom...?

And are you wondering if your protein formula is actually helping you build muscle... or store more fat?

It’s true— not all protein formulas are created equally. Most standard protein formulas you see at stores are made with a single low-quality whey concentrate...

Sure, whey concentrate can help protein synthesis for bigger gains, but many times whey concentrate by itself can be too “raw,” and cause digestion chaos for many athletes.

Whether they like it or not, many people are coming to the realization that they may be lactose-intolerant— which causes every protein shake to feel like a roll of the dice...

We Wanted A Better Whey

We wanted a convenient, delicious formula that didn’t cause stomach upset. We wanted a formula that had more proteins than your standard whey concentrate.

We couldn’t find the type of formula we wanted. So we made it.

After working with some of Europe’s top health nutritionists and fitness experts, we developed a formula unlike any other protein supplement today...

Crazy Nutrition’s Tri-Protein formula is the only daily protein supplement that contains 6 types of whey proteins which are absorbed at 3 different speeds.

With a staggered absorption rate, Tri-Protein’s ingredients stay in your system longer, which in turn supports more growth, better recovery, and greater feeling of satiation than standard whey formulas.

We also added digestive enzymes so you can absorb more protein without the bloat, gas, or stomach upset.

6 High-Power Proteins,
3X The Efficiency

Crazy Nutrition’s Tri-Protein formula is absorbed and utilized by the body in
three unique phases.

  • PHASE 1
    Quick Absorption

    Whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate are absorbed by the body in the first phase. These proteins can begin to fuel your body and deliver muscle repairing amino acids faster than normal whey concentrates.

  • PHASE 2
    Muscle Fuel

    whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate— along with a blend of digestive enzymes— are absorbed in the second phase to help shuttle amino acids to your muscles and help build, repair, and recover without the bloat or digestive issues.

  • PHASE 3
    Suppress Appetite

    Lastly, micellar casein and calcium caseinate are absorbed in the third and final phase— which allows your body to receive a steady stream of muscle fueling amino acids, as well as help curb hunger and suppress appetite.

Now— just one of these phases can be hugely beneficial in protein synthesis for bigger muscle growth...

However, if you’re looking to get shredded, pack on muscle, and drop excess pounds quickly and without the problems normal whey causes...

Then we believe it’s important to experience all three phases on a daily basis to help you achieve your ideal figure.

Imagine finally seeing that sculpted, muscle-defined physique reflected in the mirror...

Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they see your new transformation— all of them now begging to know your secret...

Remember— if you are not 100% satisfied with Crazy Nutrition’s premium Tri-Protein formula, and if you do not experience an improved body composition thanks to these high powered proteins...

Then your hard-earned money will be refunded back into your bank account right away, every cent, with no questions asked.

  • Safe & natural
  • No bloating
    or gas
  • 21 grams of high-
    powered protein
  • Made with digestive
  • Amazing results with
    daily use

Key Benefits Of Crazy Nutrition’s
Tri-Protein Formula

  • Supports Muscle Growth

    Combining 6 whey proteins, Tri-Protein works to trigger a more powerful protein synthesis for bigger muscle build than a single whey protein formula.

  • Unique 3-Phase Protein Release

    Crazy Nutrition’s TRI-PROTEIN delivers its muscle building material in 3 phases. This allows the body to naturally absorb and utilize all of the protein without waste, which improves protein synthesis for bigger gains, lasting energy, and better appetite control.

  • Boost Metabolism

    According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one study shows consuming more protein can help burn up to 260 more calories than those that don't eat a high protein diet.1 And that’s without making any drastic changes to one’s lifestyle or habits.

  • Suppresses Appetite

    We added 6 proteins that digest in 3 different phases— which means you digest some proteins slower than others. This slow digestion process allows the body to feel satiated and satisfied without the bloat, crash, or hunger cravings.

Six High-Powered Proteins For Goal-Shattering Results

Backed by science, trusted by professional athletes. Our one-of-a-kind formula
contains 6 natural, science-backed protein ingredients to help build lean
muscle, maintain energy, and improve recovery.

  • Whey Protein Isolate

    Whey protein isolate is whey protein minus the excess sugars, lactose, and fats— leaving you raw, unadulterated protein that’s loaded with muscle building amino acids.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

    The original champion of protein formulas— whey protein concentrate was added to our formula (along with a digestive enzyme, DigeZyme®) because of its easy bioavailability which means the protein gets to your muscles faster.

  • Micellar Casein

    Known as a “slow protein,” micellar casein is absorbed by the body at a slower rate than whey proteins—making it an ideal protein to support hunger cravings and muscle recovery.

  • Milk Protein Concentrate

    Milk protein concentrate is added to our formula to improve absorption and delivery of proteins to muscles.

  • Calcium Caseinate

    Derived from milk casein, calcium caseinate is a “slow protein” that takes longer to digest, which allows for a steady stream of amino acids.

  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate

    Whey Protein Hydrolysate is similar to whey protein, however, WPH has been shown to be absorbed faster than normal whey. One study, that was done on rats and published in Nutrition & Metabolism, revealed how the rats that consumed whey protein hydrolysate had a greater post-exercise benefit than the rats that consumed normal whey protein concentrate.2

Tri-Protein VS. Other Wheys

Crazy Nutrition’s

  • 6 natural proteins for more fuel
  • Staggered release for 3X more absorption
  • Low calories, low carbs, only 1 gram of sugar
  • Zero gas— made with digestive enzymes
  • Made with natural and safe ingredients


  • Contains only 1 or 2 types of whey proteins
  • May be made in non-regulated facilities with low quality standards
  • Lack of transparency on ingredients and practices
  • May cause stomach upset, bloating, and diarrhea
  • May be made with soy, fillers, and excess additives
  • May not have a guarantee, or possibly a shady auto-bill enrollment
  • 6 natural proteins for more fuel
  • Staggered release for 3X more absorption
  • Low calories, low carbs, only 1 gram of sugar
  • Zero gas— made with digestive enzymes
  • Made with natural and safe ingredients
  • Contains only 1 or 2 types of whey proteins
  • May be made in non-regulated facilities with low quality standards
  • Lack of transparency on ingredients and practices
  • May cause stomach upset, bloating, and diarrhea
  • May be made with soy, fillers, and excess additives
  • May not have a guarantee, or possibly a shady auto-bill enrollment

Achieve Extraordinary Results With A
One Of A Kind Protein Formula

  • 3X more efficient absorption for a faster shred
  • 6 proteins for more muscle fuel
  • Boosts metabolism to help shed unwanted pounds
  • Easily absorbed without digestion issues
  • Suppresses appetite to help control food cravings
  • Improves muscle growth, repair, and recovery
  • FREE bonus! Every order of Tri-Protein comes with free lifetime access to Muscle & Health magazine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers that experience the best results— including improved shredding, fat burn, and focused energy— often secure the 2 month and 3 month supply.

While a 1-month supply of Tri-Protein can still give you many of the benefits from the 6 proteins, it’s best to continue taking Tri-Protein on a regular basis for at least 3 to 6 months to experience everything the premium ingredients has to offer.

Our unique formula contains 6 different types of whey proteins that are absorbed at 3 different speeds.

This allows the body to receive more amino acids for longer periods of time— giving your muscles more building blocks without the waste or stomach upset.

While it may vary from person to person— depending on habits, genes, and environmental factors such as location— many of our customers experience positive results within the first few days of taking Tri-Protein on a regular basis, sometimes even that very same day!

It’s not a miracle— it’s years of evidence-based research and development to provide only the best, high-quality protein formula to improve muscle strength, energy, and excess fat loss like no other standard whey formulas.

No. Our formulators crafted Tri-Protein with digestive enzymes to help avoid stomach upset, including bloating, gas, and diarrhea, which are common problems with standard whey formulas.

Yes! Tri-Protein is crafted with only the finest, natural whey ingredients and is entirely safe, with no known side effects. We recommend consulting with your professional health physician before starting any health regimen.

Yes! Our formula is 100% gluten free and is made with digestive enzymes to help support digestion without stomach discomfort.

Add 1 scoop of Tri-Protein to 16 oz of water, or to your favorite shake. Shake or stir— and enjoy this delicious chocolate protein shake after a workout or whenever you need some extra protein fuel.

Experience the best results with daily use. Sign up for our subscription so you never miss a day of our Tri-Protein formula.

Yes! We process all of our orders through a safe, encryption payment processing system. We do not have access to your credit card information, nor do we have the ability to store your credit card information.

If you live in the United States, your order should arrive within 5 business days.

If you live in the United Kingdom, your order should arrive within 5 business days.

We currently only ship to the USA and UK but plan on launching in more countries soon.

We've just launched Intensive Pre-Train Green Apple and Fruit Punch as well as 100% Tri-Protein Vanilla and Salted Caramel. Please be aware as these are new products they're currently shipping from the UK, and may take a couple of weeks to be delivered if you are not in the UK.

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1- Bray GA;Redman LM;de Jonge L;Covington J;Rood J;Brock C;Mancuso S;Martin CK;Smith SR; “Effect of Protein Overfeeding on Energy Expenditure Measured in a Metabolic Chamber.” The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

2- Nakayama, Kyosuke, et al. “Effects of Whey Protein Hydrolysate Ingestion on Post-Exercise Muscle Protein Synthesis Compared with Intact Whey Protein in Rats.” Nutrition & Metabolism, BioMed Central, 27 Dec. 2019,